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Data-driven Marketing

Data-driven Marketing

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With the increasing influence of Big Data and technology upgrades that enable large volumes of data to be gathered, managed, and processed, data-driven marketing is evolving to be one of the best approaches for efficiently creating targeted and customized user experiences.

In the age of advanced technologies and analysis tools, marketing professionals understand that relying exclusively on gut feeling is insufficient and, quite frankly, not that smart.

Customers tend to have high aspirations and want to see results right away. Metrics based on data may help marketers optimize performance and change how they present their business online.

Data-driven Marketing

We are dedicated to empowering you in spreading awareness about your products and services using the best data-driven marketing tools. Our expertise is innovative yet based on time-tested practics. We can help you in being discovered, enhanced, and placed in front of your target audience, ensuring your customer engagement flourishes.

Data-driven marketing solutions we provide:

Data-driven Marketing

PPC & Landing Pages

Pay-per-click marketing is closely connected with landing pages. These two services will 100% lead to conversion rate optimization and boost sales when conducted by professionals. Very frequently, these elements are conducted by separate agencies or departments.

Every aspect of your campaign must be consistently and coherently adjusted: testing of ad content, keywords, bids, and audiences in combination with A/B testing of landing page design and content.

Data-driven Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization

That is a significant marketing’s future focus. We’ve been working in this direction for years now and have successfully built our business around it. Sadly, most traditional agencies still base their marketing decisions exclusively on their, or the client’s viewpoints. Don’t fall into the HIPPO effect trap if you want your marketing strategy to be up-to-date and effective.

Data-driven Marketing

SEO & Content

SEO may seem like a bit of witchcraft going on behind the scenes. Well, it was, years ago. However, today Google’s algorithms are a lot sharper, so we know that you must have quality content and links to get to the top of the search. We can provide you with on-page SEO best practices for the long term to get sustainable results. We also offer compelling copy that ranks and contributes to all aspects of your marketing. Content marketing entails creating content that people want and presenting it in a way that is helpful and reproducible.

Data-driven Marketing

Lead Nurturing

Email marketing, e-books, CRM, and remarketing advertising are all examples of lead nurturing tools. Lead nurturing is a method that relies on the buyer’s journey.

We have all the tools, or we can employ yours; what matters is that we have the right expertise and strategy to put those techniques to use in an automated manner that will result in complete funnel feedback.

Data-driven Marketing


We prefer a specific approach to SMM that is highly appreciated by our clients due to its effectiveness and transparency. It’s social media marketing with a measurable ROI.

We’ve got the experience of working with social media strategies that were aiming at getting a lot of “following” and “engagement.” The issue was that we tracked everything all the way to the end objective, and the ROI just wasn’t there. As a result, we decided to alter our strategies. We are the right fit for you if you want an SMM strategy that is based on outcomes rather than just fluff.

Data-driven Marketing

Tracking & Reporting

Google Analytics does not do tracking and reporting. However, it is the essential first step in implementing a real full-funnel tracking and reporting system. Working with other agencies you could have noticed that they either keep you in the dark about the whole process or overwhelm you with un-customized and sometimes simply irrelevant information. We compile the most important statistics from every platform into one place that you can access at any time and compare to any timeframe.

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