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Altezza Creative Solutions Approach to After-Sales Support

Altezza Creative Solutions Approach to After-Sales Support

Altezza Creative Solutions Approach to After-Sales Support

A software project is never finished. Every app, web, or other digital solution needs constant maintenance. Your product may one day be the best, but that perfection is fleeting, and stagnation will hurt it. Continuous improvement can keep it on top.  

Effectively delivering new iterations of your product helps it thrive among the competition. This requires fixing bugs before they ruin your reputation, systematically adding features and improvements over time, and basing those improvements on the expectations and hopes of your user base. Learn from your users by focusing on what they really want. It’s all about knowing where to look for feedback, how to prioritize it, and how to respond to it.

Creating a digital product is, in an ideal scenario, a lifelong project. Design and development give you the initial build, and because these stages are measurable in terms of time and cost, they may seem to carry the most weight.

But a successful release is not the end. In fact, it is the beginning.

Then comes the uncertain phase of exiting and scaling after launch. To prove its worth, so to speak.

At Altezza Creative Solutions, we’re looking for long-term partners because we want to be around all the way, to do more than just create something and walk away. Our team takes on every project as its own. By the time it’s released, we’re fully invested in it. Designers, engineers, product managers and testers know the product inside out. We understand what it needs and where our customer wants it to go. And we want to be the ones to help make it happen.


Altezza Creative Solutions’ post-launch support and maintenance covers everything a digital product needs as it evolves from MVP and beyond. Rather than maintenance, we think of it as continuous development because it’s much more than mindless bug-fixing. The product requires improvement on all sides – adapting the design to new features and trends, improving the UX by learning from user feedback, absorbing information from all sides to promptly address each new idea or problem.

By engaging the Altezza Creative Solutions team, your product is in the hands of someone who already knows what’s behind every line of code and understands the end goal of your business. Not only can we expertly track bugs, necessary updates, and user needs, but we can also help you in the process of deciding what improvements make sense for your particular product and how to prioritize them. To do this, we collect and analyze data (user behavior, churn rates, product-specific engagement metrics, etc.) as well as evaluate your competitors. In doing so, we keep your exact goals in mind.


Taking care of your product after launch depends first and foremost on the work of your engineers. Even if you put off improvements temporarily, there will still come the point when something needs to be fixed by necessity – and that point comes quickly and often. Fixing bugs can be very difficult without engineers who built your product and know it better than anyone else.

Why not just call any engineer the moment something needs fixing? First, the more people fiddling with the product, the messier the code will be because no one is ensuring or maintaining quality-just someone randomly coming in and doing the work. Second, it’s just not that easy.

At Altezza Creative Solutions, we follow strict coding rules and adhere to certain standards that make our code as clear as possible. Nevertheless, suppose a new engineer comes to us. In that case, he/she still needs to be brought up to speed on how the application functions, how the backend and architecture is structured, what features underlie each solution, etc. By the time the engineer has recovered everything you need, you may have lost users and ruined your reputation while increasing your technical debt.

As a rule, disbanding a team with plans to rebuild it later is risky. We know from years of experience how difficult building and activating a self-sufficient team after a project has had no engineering assistance. The result is almost always wasted time and resources – exactly what you might have hoped to save by removing everyone from the project.

Of course, we understand that sometimes our partners feel cornered (startups with limited resources, for example). But even in this case, there are solutions. For example, reducing the team of “universal soldiers” – engineers capable of performing multiple roles, such as a full-stack developer handling both backend and frontend.

Where the suspension of our teams’ collaboration is unavoidable, we are always happy to resume it later. We do our best to bring back the original team, but this is not always possible because most people are allocated to new projects as soon as their previous projects are completed. However, if we do take on new people, we minimize the loss of time by connecting them immediately to the original team. This ensures that all data is transferred quickly, seamlessly, and in detail, and the original team is still readily available to participate when needed.


You’ve probably seen the global numbers. About 90% of mobile apps launched in app stores quit after one use, and the average app loses about 77% of daily active users within three days of installation.

The key is to know that your product must constantly be improving. Learn from your victories and failures, and you’ll create something that will stand the test of time.

If you choose a long-term partnership with Altezza Creative Solutions, our after-sales support will include all of the following:

A dedicated, easily accessible team, constantly pushing the product forward

A proactive approach to fixing bugs (as opposed to a reactive, procrastinating approach)

Regular meetings and meetings to keep all stakeholders informed.

Continuous development – OS updates, API/service optimization, UX improvements, roadmaps for upcoming changes, etc.

Data collection and analysis – regular checking of user behavior, feedback, app installs, churn rate, product-specific engagement metrics, sales and revenue (if applicable), and competitor observation.

We’ve supported many of our partners from the beginning until today. 

If you think we might be the right partner for you, let’s chat and see. We’d be happy to chat.