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Meet Altezza a Simple, Intuitive CRM

to reach your client the most efficient way

About our CRM

What is CRM and Who Needs it?

Nowadays, when customers are the most valuable asset of any business and have to be a top priority for a business, it has become essential to adopt a technology that connects the companies directly with them.
CRM is the solution that makes it possible and boosts the performance and revenue of the company.
Using a relevant CRM will ensure that the company offers better support and additional services throughout the business lifecycle, reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty.

How Can CRM Benefit Your Business?

A CRM can bring together your marketing, sales, and service departments.
Using a good CRM can help build better business processes, provide your customers with a joined-up service and connect better sales and marketing teams to improve your sales and customer engagement.


We help companies to implement a robust customer
experience strategy with the power of our software solutions

Why Our CRM?

Altezza Creative Solutions have developed a versatile, easy-to-use and powerful CRM to boost your customer relationships and sales.

Our CRM features:

  • A comprehensive set of features
  • Use the same tone of voice regardless of the channel
  • Any chains of communications for client development
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Push, email, SMS, messengers, phone calls
  • Weekly automatic updates

Key Benefits of Altezza CRM

This versatile tool is aimed to help your business gain a competitive advantage


Intuitive Navigation

Altezza Creative Solutions CRM boasts intuitive navigation, which ensures a simple and easy user experience.


Quick & Responsive

With smart summary views and advanced search tools – you can now find and manage any data fast and efficiently.


Configurable & Customizable

Easy to configure the overall workflow and processes. We can customize this solution to your specific needs.


All-in-One Solution

All alerts and notifications in one place: stay informed on all comments on discussion threads with reports in the actions view.

Want to Know More About Our CRM?

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