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Big Data & Analytics

Big Data & Analytics

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Altezza Creative Solutions data analytics consultants help customers build architectures that have a flexible, modular structure, enabling all components to evolve at the speed of the business. 

In addition, we make platforms that will allow real-time and batch processing, support secure data management and governance.

Capturing data and gaining advantages from it requires analytics and skills. Altezza Creative Solutions provides its customers’ services to build modern data analytics architectures and evolve into an insight-driven company. 

 Through data management and agile analytical practices, we empower our customers to grow and benefit.

Big Data & Analytics

By offering data consulting through the construction of modern data analytics architecture, Altezza Creative Solutions delivers:

  • A scalable and flexible data analytics tool that evolves with the business needs
  • Future-proof architecture that will encompass new data sources and streamline applications
  • A shift from old-style reporting to predictive and progressive analytics
  • New capabilities for digital transformation and business growth


Our consulting services include predictive analysis that will help your company develop the most effective business strategy and eliminate all threats that come with a lack of information and changes on the market.

We provide a range of consulting, data integration, and custom development services:

Big Data & Analytics

Big Data & Integration

Data integration design
Text mining and natural language processing
Data preparation and processing
Chatbot integration
Cloud-based AI/ML platform integration

Big Data & Analytics

Model Development & Data Science

Custom ML model creation & training
Custom image processing
Custom NLP and text mining
Custom DL model creation & training

Big Data & Analytics

Custom Algorithms

Implementation of custom algorithms
Custom data quality management solutions
Model deployment
Custom chatbot and applications development

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