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Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development

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The Latest Insights:

Cloud-based software development is the best solution for an enterprise that needs a highly user-customized and scalable app or program with seamless backend integration.

Cloud allows you to store and access data and programs instead of your computer’s hard drive.

When is Cloud Software the Best Solution?

  • When a company needs to reduce operational costs of IT and at the same time increase IT capacity.
  • The need to extend the on-premises IT environment in the cloud.
  • Combining on-premises and cloud deployment of your app.


Why Choose Cloud Software?

  • Easy and flexible data accessibility from any place and device
  • Highly secure and reliable data storage
  • Scalability and load balancing

Cloud Application Development

Types of Cloud Application

To build a successful product, you need to have a clear idea about what type of app you’d like to create. We at Altezza Creative Solutions would like to clarify those issues for you:

Cloud Application Development

Software as Service

This is the most common type of cloud application. Most cloud applications (including those serving individuals) are SaaS. These applications run on third-party hardware – not the user’s device – and their software is also hosted remotely. The main advantage of using SaaS is that customers don’t have to spend money on expensive hardware or buy licenses for each software upgrade.

Cloud Application Development

Infrastructure as a Service

This type of product requires middleware and application support from the client. The IaaS owner provides its client with sophisticated infrastructure and further support, and the client must create its software bridge between the application and the operating system. This approach helps companies create a customized product without developing the core components from scratch.

Cloud Application Development

Platform as a Service

This type of cloud application development typically requires only the application code from the customer. PaaS providers allow customers to use their hardware (including storage) and essential development software (out-of-the-box solutions). 


In addition, the software is constantly being updated, so developers can only use the latest version. If a user decides to scale or completely change their application, they make those changes because of PaaS’s flexibility. The benefits are cost efficiency and flexibility of the customer’s product.

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